Scene+ will launch at IGA, Sobeys and other stores in Quebec & New Brunswick on March 23

On March 23 the Scene+ program will finish their nationwide roll out at Empire Company Limited stores such as IGA and Sobeys. Stores in the provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec will switch from AIR MILES to Scene+ as will the only hold out in the west, Thrifty Foods. This will mark the completion of the Scene+ switchover from coast to coast for all Empire Company Limited stores.

As we detailed in 2022 the primary difference between earning AIR MILES and Scene+ points at Sobeys and all their other grocery stores is that there is not a base earn rate. You’ll earn Scene+ points when you buy select items, receive bonus offers for spending a certain amount (you’ll usually find these offers in the flyer) and also via personalized offers.

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You’ll also receive the accelerated earn rates of up to 6 points per on most Scotia credit cards that were added in 2022.

Wrapping it up

When Scene+ and Empire Company Limited announced their partnership it was stated that only select provinces would see their stores switch from AIR MILES to Scene+ in 2022. It appeared the majority were going to make the move in 2023 but outside of Quebec, New Brunswick and Thrifty Foods – all the stores moved over in 2022. Now early in 2023 the switchover to Scene+ will be complete.

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