Fairmont Hotel Macdonald

Receive up to $225 in gift cards for hotel stays in Edmonton

Edmonton’s Best Hotels up to $225 in rewards for stays at any one of over 50 hotels in the region has returned for the fall. This is a great promotion that offers gift cards for booking stays in YEG for 1, 2 or 3+ nights until December 31, 2023.

What makes the offer from Edmonton’s Best Hotels stand out and be different from many similar offers is that you get to pick which type of gift cards you want to receive. With this offer the rewards really stack up, the longer you stay the more rewards you receive. Have a one night stay and you’ll get a $50 reward. Add one more night to that and you get an additional $100 gift card for $150 in total rewards and three or more nights? You’ll get one more $75 gift card for a total of $225 in rewards!

The gift cards rewards are not available for stays from July 4, 2023, to September 5, 2023.

The Hotels

There are over 50 hotels to choose from in the Edmonton region that are participating in this promotion. These include budget friendly locations like the Comfort Inn West Edmonton right up to some of Edmonton’s most sought after locations like the JW Marriott Edmonton Ice District and the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald.

The Rewards

The gift card reward options are dependent on how many nights you book for each stay at any of the participating hotels. Here is a breakdown of those options:

One Night Stay Rewards – $50 gift card

If you are only needing to stay one night in Edmonton, You can pick from any one of the following three options to receive as your reward:

  • One Night Reward 1: $50 Gas Card
  • One Night Reward 2: $50 Prepaid Mastercard
  • One Night Reward 3: $50 Ultimate Dining Card

Two Night Stay Rewards – $150 in gift cards

If you are looking to stay 2 nights you are going to rack up $150 in rewards that you can pick out of the following five options:

  • Two Night Reward 1: $150 Prepaid Mastercard
  • Two Night Reward 2: $75 Prepaid Mastercard + $75 Gas Card
  • Two Night Reward 3: $75 Gas Card + $75 Ultimate Dining Card

Three or more night Stay Rewards – $225 in rewards

Finally, if you are planning a three night or longer stay you’ll get an additional $75 in rewards on top the $150 already being rewarded for two nights for a total of $225. These are the four $225 reward options for those stays of 3 pr more nights:

  • Three Night Reward 1: $225 Prepaid Mastercard
  • Three Night Reward 3: $75 Ultimate Dining Card + $75 Prepaid Mastercard + $75 Gas Card

How and when do you get the rewards?

To earn any of these rewards the hotel stays do have to be booked via the Edmonton’s Best Hotels website. The rewards will then be emailed to guest within 24 hours of checking in to the hotel. The hotel itself does not issue the gift cards.

Examples of the value to be had

Here is a three night stay at the Days Inn by Wyndham Edmonton Downtown that works out great as they even provide discounted AAA/CAA rates via Edmonton’s Best Hotels:

In this example we chose the $225 prepaid Mastercard so technically speaking you only end up $95.91 out of pocket for a three night stay.

Here’s three nights at the Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Edmonton West:


Here you pay the same Hilton flexible rate that you get would if you booked direct with Hilton without being a Hilton Honors member. If you are a Hilton Honors member and book direct the stay would be $597.28 including all fees however you wouldn’t be receiving the $225 in gift cards or rewards. I’d say it’s a good deal to pay $40 extra to receive the $225 in gift cards!

There have been some updates to the terms of the offer since the last time we posted about this offer to make sure the offer isn’t gamed. Those key terms are as follows:

  • Edmonton Best Hotels honours up to 3 consecutive days only.  If you check in for three days and then check out and check in the very next day, they consider this a consecutive booking even if it may be at a different hotel.
  • You cannot make more than one booking under the same name for the same dates. For example, if a guest books a two night stay on November 1 and 2 at a hotel and then makes another two night stay booking for the same dates at the same hotel or another hotel, EBH considers this a double booking and will honour rewards for only one of those bookings. They also note double bookings and contact the guest when this occurs.

Unlike booking with online travel agencies, In most cases the stays booked with EBH do count towards your points earning and elite status with the respective hotel loyalty programs.

Wrapping it up

Whether for business or pleasure, if your travels (or staycation) are set to take you to Alberta’s capital region this year you should definitely consider this offer from Edmonton’s Best Hotel. I know a lot of our readers have utilized and raved about the similar promotion from StayVancouver , so if you’re familiar with that then you’ll know this Edmonton offer is just as sweet of a deal.

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