Aeroplan improves conversion rates to Starbucks but it’s no match for the coffee chain’s recent devaluation

Air Canada Aeroplan has adjusted the redemption rates and options for converting Aeroplan points to Starbucks Stars. This takes a little bit of heat off the recent devaluation in the Starbucks Rewards program but in the end it still represents an overall lower value for your Aeroplan Points when converting to Stars.

Prior to this update you could redeem 1,000 Aeroplan Points for 200 Stars with a minimum redemption of 1,000 points. As of this past week, the minimum redemption amount has been lowered to 400 points and the rate of redemption has also changed. You will now receive 100 Starbucks Stars per 400 points converted:

This new redemption rate is the equivalent of receiving 250 Stars for 1,000 points. That’s an increase of 50 Stars compared to the previous rate but in the end it is no match for that recent Starbucks devaluation.

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Up until February 13, 2023, 200 Stars (1,000 Aeroplan points) could get you four brewed coffees in the Starbucks Rewards program. Now, 200 Stars (800 Aeroplan points) are enough for two brewed coffees. That means you would have to redeem 1,600 Aeroplan points to earn enough Stars for four coffees – or 600 more points than before. All other redemptions in the Starbucks Rewards program (other than brew at home bags of coffee) also saw their Star requirements increase but not as drastic as the regular coffee level.

Wrapping it up

Air Canada Aeroplan has adjusted their redemption rates for converting to Starbucks Stars in light of the latter’s recent devaluation. Unfortunately even with Aeroplan improving the redemption rate it isn’t enough to make up for difference from the changes on Starbucks’ side. So technically speaking this redemption option from the Aeroplan program has also been devalued. This is not at any fault of Aeroplan’s, they made an effort to take some of the edge off but logically I don’t think there is anyway they could have modified the redemption rate to make up for drastic changes seen in the Starbucks Rewards program.

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Images via Air Canada