More Rewards Free Groceries Event – Redeem points at a higher value for groceries at Save-On Foods, Urban Fare or PriceSmart Foods

More Rewards has brought back their Free Groceries Event where you can redeem your More Rewards points for you in store grocery shopping at greater value than the regular redemption rates. In fact if you have enough points to redeem at the highest level, 48,000 points for $200 off your grocery bill you’ll be redeeming points at nearly the same value as travel redemptions via the program. Outside of a couple of hockey ticket redemption options in the program redeeming for travel is the best redemption option in the program in terms of value so when they run this grocery redemption option several times per year it is definitely worth checking out. This offer is available in-store only until March 30, 2022.

When you redeem 48,000 points for a $200 rebate on your groceries at Save-On-Foods, Urban Fare or PriceSmart Foods you are receiving a 0.417 cent return which is just shy of the 0.428 cents per point value you get when redeeming for travel. I myself am seriously considering making my way to Save-On Foods this week to take advantage of this. The reason why is that in our family we have some big balances across many other programs like Aeroplan, American Express, Marriott and so on that we will use for travel before using More Rewards so those More Rewards points will most likely not go used soon. For me I’m willing to take a $5 hit in value to save that $200 on my grocery bill and use up some points that have just been piling over the years.

And for whatever portion of my bill that happens to be over $200 I’ll pay for it with my Cobalt Card of course to earn 5x points, If you don’t have a Cobalt Card but do have a CIBC card don’t forget that you can link CIBC credit or debit cards to your More Rewards card and earn 2x points at Save-On-Foods, Urban Fare and PriceSmart Foods.

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