Limited time offer: Get 50 Aeroplan points every time you spend $15+ at Starbucks


Earlier this year launched Aeroplan launched their partnership with Starbucks Canada where you can link your Aeroplan account to your Starbucks Rewards account. Once your account is linked you can double dip and earn rewards from both programs. There are base earn rates with Aeroplan when you load your Starbucks card (75 points for $50-$74.99, 150 points for $75+) and then they have run bonuses on top of that which brings us to this new bonus offer. 

From now until October 3 all Aeroplan members who have their accounts linked will earn 50 Aeroplan points for every order of $15 or more. “To qualify, you must pay using your digital Starbucks Card or linked
payment method in the Starbucks app, or by scanning your Starbucks app
at the register prior to checkout
.” On top of that if you are a TD Aeroplan cardholder you may recall that when the new cards launched in November they came with a year long accelerator offer of 50% bonus points for Starbucks purchases. So each time a TD Aeroplan cardholder loads money onto the Starbucks app they’ll earn those 50% bonus points. 

Here’s an example of the points you could earn with this partnership if you have a TD card:

New Starbucks Reward account/link/1 transaction

Earn 400pts

Load $75 on your Starbucks Card

Earn 150pts

TD accelerator on load, Visa Infinite 1.5/$

Earn 112pts

5 orders of $15 – 5X 50pts

Earn 250pts

Total Earn New Starbucks Rewards member

Earn 912 pts (~12pts/$1 spent)

Total Earn Existing Starbucks Rewards member

Earn 512 pts (~7pts/$1 spent)

The points tend to post quite quickly once you have your accounts linked. Here’s a screenshot of some points that I have earned on some recent Starbucks transactions.


Click here to learn more about this offer and about the Starbucks partnership