Earn Triple Aeroplan Miles for stays at Coast Hotels in October and November


Coast Hotels and Aeroplan have teamed up once again to offer triple Aeroplan miles for stays this fall. Last seen this past spring the bonus is perfect for many Western Canadians who are staying closer to home for their fall travels. If you happen to be traveling in Alberta or B.C. this is an offer to keep in mind for your stays. 

The base earn rate for Coast Hotels is 250 to 500 miles depending
on the hotel so with this offer you’ll end up earning 750 to 1,500 miles. As it is
a flat rate earn the bonus is best for one night stays. Those longer stays may be a toss up as to whether to credit to Aeroplan or to Coast Rewards. The reason why is that on occasion Coast Hotels has transfer bonuses to Aeroplan. In fact one is going on right now which is offering 4x the miles when you convert Coast Rewards points to Aeroplan. Now this transfer bonus is pretty infrequent and in fact I feel like it will end prior to this Triple Miles offer kicking in and who knows when it will come back again as it has been a couple of years since we saw this big of bonus. Then you have to do the math – if you don’t hold elite status with Coast Hotels you earn 1 Coast Rewards Point per dollar spent. So if you have $100 night stay for three nights you’ll earn 300 points which with the current transfer bonus is 1,200 miles. Depending on the hotel that’s less than the 1,500 miles you can earn with the Triple Miles bonus. Again it comes down to doing the math and also asking yourself how quickly do you want those Aeroplan Miles – with the triple miles on a stay you’ll get them in a few weeks, with Coast Rewards points and waiting to convert with a bonus it could be months or years. In my mind I’d go with the Triple Miles on each stay.

Offer details
Triple Aeroplan Miles on all Coast Hotels stays in Canada and the U.S. Full details & online booking. Book now for stays Oct 1 – Nov 30, 20
Be sure to set your Coast Rewards earning preference to Aeroplan Miles to earn the miles

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