Wednesday, June 17, 2020

OFFER EXTENDED – 100% bonus when you buy IHG Rewards Club points

The 100% bonus for buying IHG Rewards Club points has been extended by five days to June 20.  IHG has also raised the annual limit of points you can buy to 250,000 per member for this promotion from the standard 150,000. Buying 250,000 points (500,000 total with bonus) costs US$2,500 which means each point will only cost you 0.5 cents.  Again we don’t encourage buying points just because there is a bonus but if you can foresee a potential use for them in the next 4-6 months it may be worthwhile to buy them.

Offer Details
OFFER EXTENDED 100% Bonus IHG Rewards Club Points when you buy 3,000 or more points. Buy IHG Rewards Club Points here Until Jun 20, 20

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