Targetted Hyatt offer for free World of Hyatt Explorist status for 90 days + a fast track to keep Explorist or gain Globalist status (Wait to register for it)

 Editors Note: In light of global events and a major slow down it
travel we here at Rewards Canada will continue with our mission of delivering
frequent traveller promotions to our audience but with some limitations.
We will not be posting offers that end in the short term – that is for
March and the first half of April. We will post offers that go beyond
that, make sense to collect for future travel or if it is a short term
one it will be one that doesn’t require travel such as free points for
some sort of non-travel action, elite status matches or other promotions
like that.

Hyatt has come out with a great targetted offer that you should keep in mind for the near future. I wouldn’t register for it right now since travel is basically at a stand still – unless you know you can meet all the requirements for the challenge with essential travel within Canada. If you aren’t an essential traveller, then like I said keep this offer in mind (maybe bookmark this post) for later this year as you have until November 16 to register for it. Now onto the actual offer!

This is a great offer from Hyatt that is very forward looking from the company as they look to reestablish travel and people staying at their hotels later in the year and into 2021. The offer gives you free World of Hyatt Explorist status for 90 days after registering. This isn’t even their first level of status, it’s their second level! So that’s why we say to wait to register because if you do so now chances are you won’t get to experience all the benefits of it. Then the second part of the promotion is a fast track to keep that Explorist status or even achieve Globalist status. The fast track requires you to have 10 qualifying nights in those first 90 days to get full Explorist status until February 2022 but if you can do 20 qualifying nights in the same 90 days you get Globalist status until February 2022. Normally it takes 30 nights or 50,000 base points to receive Explorist status and 60 nights or 100,000 base points for Globalist.  As you can see this is a very generous elite status offer and fast track offer as Globalist is their top tier level!

Here are what the status levels give you:

Offer details:

Instant World of Hyatt Explorist status and fast track to keep that Explorist or reach Globalist status. Full details & online registration

  • Register by November 16, 2020, to receive trial Explorist status for 90 days
  • Stay 10 qualifying nights at any Hyatt hotel or resort
    within 90 days after registering to maintain Explorist status through
    February 2022
  • Stay an additional 10 qualifying nights at any Hyatt
    hotel or resort within those 90 days and earn Globalist status through
    February 2022.

This is first of such offers that we have seen come out from a loyalty program that is future looking and provides enticement to go with Hyatt when everything starts to get back to normal. So like I said above, unless you have extenuating circumstances that requires you to travel now where you can utilize this offer, do not register for it just yet!

Here are the targeting terms:

To qualify for this offer, World of Hyatt members must register between March 16, 2020, and November 16, 2020. Offer only valid for World of Hyatt members who are employed by an entity that has received an invitation from Hyatt for its employees to participate in this offer (any a “Qualifying Entity”).  If you are not sure whether you work for a Qualifying Entity, check with your corporate travel manager.  To participate, an eligible member must register with his or her valid email address issued by the Qualifying Entity (e.g., business email) through the dedicated offer-registration URL provided by Hyatt to the applicable Qualifying Entity. (If you need the URL, please ask your corporate travel manager.) Limit one offer per member.