40% bonus when you buy or gift Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Miles

This is one of the short term offers we will and do post on Rewards Canada here. For the next few days you can get a 40% bonus when you buy or gift Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles.
This is definitely a speculative buy as we don’t know when full fledged
travel will resume but if I were to buy any type of miles or points it
would be Mileage Plan miles as they are some of the most valuable in the
world. Short term – they would be used for domestic flights within the
U.S. but long term speculators will be grabbing them for flights on
Cathay Pacific, JAL and more.

With the 40% bonus you are buying Mileage Plan miles for 2.11 cents each and with the C$ crashing over the past week you are looking at just over 3 cents per mile in our currency.I wouldn’t consider this the best deal right now for those of us here in Canada but some of you might like to speculate  and take advantage of this offer for when travel outside our border resumes.

Offer details:

40% Bonus Mileage Plan Miles when you buy or gift 20,000 or more miles. Buy Alaska Miles Here Until Mar 25, 20

Editors Note: In light of global events and a major slow down it
travel we here at Rewards Canada will continue with our mission of delivering
frequent traveller promotions to our audience but with some limitations.
We will not be posting offers that end in the short term – that is for
March and the first half of April. We will post offers that go beyond
that or if it is a short term one, it will be one that doesn’t require
travel such as free points for some sort of non-travel action, elite
status matches or other promotions like that.