Hotel Review: Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

My friend has top-tier status with Caesars Rewards and was offered 4 complimentary nights at Caesars Palace Hotel in Las Vegas. Of course, when he asked if I wanted to go I couldn’t turn down a free vacation to Vegas! The last time I visited LAS was in 2014 where I stayed at The Venetian Hotel so I was looking forward to this trip and to reviewing this hotel.

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We arrived Las Vegas’ Harry Reid International Airport and at the baggage carousel, there was a limo driver waiting for us, complimentary of the Caesar Rewards program. The airport is a short 20-minute drive from to the hotel. We were dropped off at the front entrance of Caesar Palace, which was busy with a lot of people going in and out.



When you walk-in into the hotel, there is a giant statue of Caesar, high-ceilings and a beautiful layout. Immediately, this hotel feels luxurious. From this spot, when you turn left, you’ll see the general, diamond, and seven stars member registration.



The Seven Stars registration office is located past the general area, to your right. There is a massive door with a sign above “Seven Stars.” The staff member greeted my friend, they were very friendly to him and went over all of the benefits that would be part of his stay including s a $500 dining folio credit. I was impressed with the type of service they provide to their top-tier members.



The Palace Premium Room – 2 Queens

We were booked in the Palace tower, which was renovated a few years back. It was a 5 minute walk to get to the tower from the check in area. The room had two queen beds that were spacious and comfortable, perfect for a good night’s sleep (that is if you are able to sleep during your stay!). There was a small desk in the hallway with a mirror above it. The room had a good-size TV, a fridge full of drinks and snacks sitting on top of the fridge, however, you do have to pay for any of those items you choose to consume.



The massive bathroom was definitely the highlight of the room. The bathroom has a shower, a huge bathtub, and a toilet with a door separating it from the rest of the bathroom. It was well-maintained, had an expensive look and feel with all of the marbling and it featured all of the essentials, making it easy to freshen up after a long day.



Casino Floor

The casino floor at Caesars Palace was truly impressive. It was huge, felt like a maze, and offered a wide range of gaming options, including tables, slots, poker, and sports betting. There was always something to do, whether I wanted to try my luck at the slots or watch a game and place a bet at the sports book. The atmosphere was lively and exciting, and I loved the energy of the casino. Overall, the casino added excitement to my stay at Caesars Palace, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great gambling experience.



The Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino also boasts an impressive dining scene, with many restaurants. They offer fast food options, a sprawling buffet, and a variety of cuisines to satisfy every taste bud. I tried a few of the restaurants during my stay, and the food was delicious and well-presented. The variety of dining options meant I never had to leave the hotel to find a good meal, which was a huge plus.



One of the standout features of the Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino was the incredible buffet. At $75 USD, it was a bit pricey but definitely worth the cost. The crab legs and seafood selection were top-notch and some of the freshest I have ever tasted at a buffet. The buffet had a lot of options, including hot and cold dishes, desserts, and much more. I was genuinely impressed with the quality and presentation of the food, and I would highly recommend the buffet to anyone staying at the hotel. We tried the Bellagio buffet the night before, and it doesn’t compare to the buffet at Caesar’s Palace. Overall, the dining experience at the Caesar Palace was fantastic, and I was satisfied with the multiple plates of crab legs.



Fitness Center

The gym at the Augustus Tower was well-equipped, with a variety of workout machines, and I was able to get a great workout in during my stay. A great addition to my stay. The gym was busy on the Saturday but surprisingly quiet on the Sunday, this was perfect for me as I could get in a good workout without having to wait for equipment. The only downside was that the gym closed at 6 pm, which may be an issue for those who prefer to work out later in the day. Overall, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good workout during their stay at the Caesar Palace.


Wrapping it up

Overall, I highly recommend this hotel to anyone looking for a comfortable stay in a convenient location on the strip. The casino is a bonus, providing endless entertainment options. I can’t wait to come back and stay here again! For more from my travels be sure to follow me on Instagram!


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