Here are the details on earning and redeeming Scene+ points at Home Hardware

We are happy to present to you the expanded details of the Home Hardware Scene+ partnership that will be going live on or before August 1, 2023. First announced in the fall of 2022 this partnership marks the next big step for the Scene+ program in its ever expanding nationwide growth. This latest update provides details on earning and redeeming Scene+ points at Home Hardware as well as an update to the Scotiabank Scene+ Visa Card which will have an accelerated earn rate at Home Hardware.

Earning Scene+ points at Home Hardware

Scene+ members will have multiple ways to earn Scene+ points when shopping in store or online with Home Hardware:

50 points for every $50 spent

There will be a base earn rate that awards 50 points for every $50 spent. This works out to one point per dollar or a 1% return when taking into account most of the redemption options within Scene+.

The rough part of this earn rate is that it is in $50 multiples. This is reminiscent of AIR MILES and their 1 mile for $20 or $40 spent with many of their partners. But here it is even higher at $50. If you spend $45 you will not earn any points and if you spend $95 you’ll only earn 50 points. I guess it’s better than the no base earn rate we see with Scene+ Grocery but it’s nowhere near the earn rates Home Hardware used to offer with Aeroplan.

House Accounts and Pro Contractor accounts will not be able earn points on their purchases.

In store promotions

Home Hardware mentions there will be in store promotions. These will most likely be bonus points offers for purchasing select items or multiples of certain items. In all likelihood they will also have promotions throughout the year where if you spend X amount of dollars you’ll earn X amount of points

Accelerated credit card earn rates

This is the news that triggered this post,  Exorigami on RFD posted details of an update to the Scotiabank Scene+ Visa Card coming as of August 1st. The key change to the card will be a new accelerated earn rate of 2 points per $1 spent with Home Hardware.

There is no word yet of any accelerated earn rates for the other Scotia Scene+ cards. It still may take some time for Scotia to provide updates for the other cards (if they are) as the details of the 2022 changes to their various cards weren’t all released at the same time.

Redeeming Scene+ points at Home Hardware

Redeeming points at Home Hardware is a much better proposition than the earn side of things. The redemption rate will be 1,000 points for $10 off at the till when shopping in store. This is the exact same redemption rate that Scene+ has for travel, grocery, dining and Cineplex redemptions. This translates to upwards of a 6% return on your credit card spending for those who have a Scene+ credit card.

Scene+ members will be able to redeem up to $500 worth of points per transaction.

I like how Scene+ is utilizing this same redemption rate for all the primary reward options in the program as you don’t have to  feel guilty about potentially losing value by choosing to redeem for “Reward Option A” instead of “Reward Option B”

Wrapping it up

We now have more details of the new Home Hardware and it looks both good and not so good. The good is the redemption rate and the accelerated earn rate on the Scene+ Visa Card (and hopefully on other cards). The not so good being the earn rate – 50 points for every $50 increment isn’t a rate that will sway someone from shifting their spend from the likes of Canadian Tire or Home Depot to Home Hardware.

That being said, in many smaller communities across Canada, Home Hardware is the go to place as they are the only option. So I understand the earn rate as these customers are already loyal to Home Hardware and the retailer doesn’t want to give away the bank if they don’t need to. Thus these loyal shoppers will earn some small rewards but should be really happy about the redemption rate – especially if they are big time Scene+ points collectors.

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Scene+ is not just for movies – it’s also for travel, groceries & more

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