Scene+ redemption rate for groceries will be a great 1,000 points for $10

Today sees Scene+ revealing a few more details on the upcoming partnership with their new co-owner Empire Company Limited. The Atlantic Canada based corporation that operates grocery stores, pharmacies, liquor and convenience stores announced last month they were leaving the AIR MILES program to become part of Scene+

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The latest news

First off, shout out to Joshua once again for finding this Scene+ news! There actually isn’t a ton of new detail in this update, most of it was already known except for two key points. One of those points is big – the redemption rate for the Scene+ members at all of these new stores that are joining and the points earn rate at Needs Convenience – we are still awaiting the earn rates for all the other stores.

As a refresher, Scene+ points will be available at grocery, pharmacy and liquor stores including Sobeys, Safeway, Foodland, Foodland & Participating Co-ops, FreshCo, Chalo! FreshCo, Thrifty Foods, IGA, Les Marchés Tradition, Rachelle Béry, Voilà by Sobeys, Voilà by Safeway, Voilà par IGA, Lawtons Drugs, Needs Convenience, Sobeys Liquor, Safeway Liquor and Thrifty Foods Liquor. 

Stores in Atlantic Canada will start moving to Scene+ in August while the rest of Canada will slowly transition from AIR MILES over the course of 2022 and into early 2023.

Grocery / Pharmacy / Liquor Redemption Rate – 1,000 points for $10

The big news in this update is the rate at which Scene+ members can expect to redeem points at towards purchases at all the stores listed above. That redemption rate will be 1,000 points for $10. Or if you are cents per point person, that is 1 cpp. If you have or will be applying for a Scotiabank credit card this means your rate of return when redeeming points at these stores will be as follows:

This 1,000 to $10 redemption is the exact same value you will receive when you redeem for travel via the Scene+ program. Up until this announcement travel was the best redemption option in terms of value with the Scene+ program and now Grocery/Pharmacy/Liquor will match that. It appears you’ll be able to redeem at all Empire brands of stores except for Needs Convenience

Don’t forget that those percentages listed above are strictly for credit card earn and don’t take into account additional points earned with the Scene+ loyalty card.

Convenience Store Earn Rate

While you won’t be able to redeem points at Needs Convenience the update does reveal the Scene+ points earn rate at these stores. When you show your Scene+ card at Needs Convenience you will earn 1 point for every $2 spent and this includes lottery purchases. 

So that begs the question, will this be the earn rate at the rest of the stores? Tough to say but I would guess no because if it was the same why not just publish it at the same time?

Here is how Scene+ details the points earning:

  • Everyday Rewards: Earn points through weekly flyer events and everyday product offers in-store and online with Voilà
  • Personalized Offers: Sign up to receive weekly offers just for you, delivered to your email or grocery store App
  • Pharmacy: In Provinces, where permitted by law, you will be able to earn Scene+
    points on the full cost of prescriptions at select in-store pharmacies
    and Lawtons Drugs to a maximum of 5000 Scene+ points per transaction.
  • Convenience: Earn Scene+ points at Needs Convenience
  • Banking Products: Earn even more points by shopping at participating Grocery stores using a Scotiabank debit or credit card.

As expected the update does confirm there will be exclusive member pricing on a variety of products and also personalized offers (I assuming Sobeys will still use to earn additional points when shopping at these stores. 

You’ll also note the do mention the permitted by law earn at pharmacies. I know that in Alberta and British Columbia you cannot earn loyalty rewards on prescriptions so that earn option will not be available in those provinces (you can still earn on your credit card for the purchase though)

Wrapping it up

With a 1,000 points to $10 redemption rate the Scene+ program keeps doling out great value for its members! This rate which matches the programs own best redemption of travel and also matches its largest competitor, PC Optimum’s redemption rate and value. Where Scene+ has PC Optimum beat is the potential to earn a lot more with their credit cards and additional partners in the program. Overall I have to say Scene+ keeps impressing me with each little tidbit of news they put out. Now, they just need to tidy up the technical issues they have been having and hopefully provide us with a good everyday earn rate at all there stores outside of Needs Convenience.

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Image via Scene+