Receive up to a 100% bonus when you buy Hilton Honors points

Hilton has once again brought out a bonus for buying Honors points.
This time the bonus varies by members, I personally received an offer
for an 80% bonus however others are receiving 100%. Also the promotion
this time does see the doubling of the annual cap on buying points so
you can buy up to 160,000 points. That 160,000 cap does not include the
bonus points so if you max out this offer and buy 160,000 points you’ll
receive 320,000 into your account.

If you do get the 100% bonus that means you are paying US$ 0.5 cents
per point. With the ability to easily redeem at values of 0.8 cents or
more you can see where buying Hilton Honors points can make sense.

Offer details:

Up to a 100% Bonus when you buy 5,000 or more Hilton Honors points online. Bonus varies by member. Valid until Jul 19, 22 Click here to buy points

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