You can receive up to a 100% bonus when you buy Air France KLM Flying Blue Miles


Air France KLM have once again brought out their best ever bonus for buying Flying Blue Miles 
and that bonus is up to 100%. When you buy at the 100% level each
Flying Blue Miles will cost you about 1.53 US cents each or about CAD 1.97 cents. This can be a
great deal especially when you redeem the miles for one of their monthly
Promo Reward tickets (which unfortunately have no Canadian cities included this month).



Offer details:

Up to a 100% bonus when you buy Air France KLM Flying Blue Miles. Valid until May 15, 22 Click here to buy miles. 

– 50% bonus when you buy 4,000 to 10,000 miles

– 70% bonus when you buy 12,000 to 22,000 miles

– 100% when you buy 24,000 or more miles.

With this promotion Elite members can buy up to 300,000 miles (before
the bonus) in one transaction with no annual limit to buying miles, all
other members can buy 100,000 miles annually (before the bonus).

Now you may be asking why
this is an offer of note. It is for several reasons, the first of course
is to top off your account for an award if you happen to be shy a few
thousand miles however the second is the big one. That second reason is
when Air France KLM offer those 25 to 50% off business class Promo
Rewards. For example the last time they had 50% off (pre-pandemic) you
could fly round trip in business class between Montreal and Paris for
53,000 miles. If you have no Flying Blue Miles at all you need to
purchase miles at the 28,000 level (they only sell them in 2,000 miles
increments) for US$854. That’s above the 20,000 mile requirement to get
the 100% bonus which means you’d end up with 56,000 miles for that US$854 or about C$1100. You would then redeem 53,000 of those
56,000 miles for the business class reward flight and on top of that you
would need to pay close to $800 in fees and taxes. Add the two together
and you would be looking at paying around $1,900 for a round trip
business class ticket that would cost you in the neighbourhood of $3,000
to $4,000 or more. And that’s why this can be an offer of note. 

you are in a position where you are willing to pay just under $2,000
for flights that cost 50 to 100%+ more than that, it is something to
consider. You also have to consider the fact that we don’t know when we
will see 50% off business class reward flights from Canada so you’d be
purchasing the miles speculatively – something we aren’t fans of. On top of this Flying Blue miles are only valid for 2 years unless
you fly with Air France, KLM or a partner airline (not sure if WestJet
counts?) So these are all things to take into consideration. Ideally we love it when they have the buy miles bonus at the
same time as the 50% off  Promo Rewards, which has happened in the past on
numerous occasion but not this time.