Lounge Review: Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge – Regina International Airport

Today we are pleased to present the latest Rewards Canada Business
Class Lounge Review! This review is provided by Dee who has contributed
to Rewards Canada in past with the articles  A look at the great value provided with the Annual Worldwide Companion Pass from Aeroplan’s Ultra Premium Credit Cards and Earning Stories: An elite status boost and nearly 20,000 bonus points thanks to Aeroplan’s credit card promos and more. This is his second lounge review for Rewards Canada and he has more travel reviews coming our way in the very future. 

I got the chance to visit one of the smallest Air Canada lounges in Canada, located in the Regina airport. Being one of the smallest lounges, there isn’t too much you can write about it so please consider this more of photo review of the lounge!



You can find the lounge right after you pass security on the right hand side and is open to eligible guests  from 5:00am to 6:30pm. To enter you need to scan your boarding pass or Aeroplan card or swipe your credit card as there is no Air Canada attendant at the door. 


The lounge is relatively small, and there is standing room only when it is at full capacity. There are roughly about 18 seats in total in the lounge, 12 of which are the comfy lounge chairs. 



There is one Air Canada employee that
looks after all the guests inside the lounge to make sure everyone is comfortable and has their needs met.
The lounge does have drinks, snacks, and cold food options available during
your visit. 

The lounge also features a charging station for your mobile devices:

How to access this lounge:

are several ways you can access the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge at Regina International Airport. The following have
access to the lounge: 

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Wrapping it up

I find this to be a decent lounge to visit even with its small size and limited offerings.  And that was my quick review of the AC Regina lounge, I hope you enjoyed it and if you have a chance to stop by, go check it out!.

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