Earn up to a 75% bonus when you buy Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles Miles – a great deal even for Canadians!

Turkish Airlines has brought back their rare bonus for buying
Miles&Smiles miles! The bonus is tiered and maxes out at 75% when
you buy 50,000 to 99,999 miles. The cost of the miles are US$30 per
1,000 which means buying 50,000 miles will cost you US$1,500 but you’ll
end up with 87,500 miles after the bonus. That ends up being 1.71 cents per mile
which is a great deal considering Turkish Miles&Smiles has some
real gems for reward flight options. 

 For us here in Canada you can redeem 10,000 Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles Miles for a one way economy class ticket or 15,000 miles for a one way business class ticket in North America and that includes Honolulu. So yes you can fly round trip to Hawaii for 20,000 miles for economy class or 30,000 for business class. This means if you buy 69,000 miles for US$2,070 to score 120,750
Miles&Smiles you’ll have enough miles four round trip flights in business class
to Hawaii that would most likely cost  double that! You can even fly domestically within the U.S., 7,500 miles
to fly one way in economy class and that also includes
Honolulu. The Miles&Smiles program has quite a few other
great redemption options that you can check out here.

Couple of notes: 

  • You do need to note that the bonus miles earned within the scope of
    the offer carry a shorter lifespan and will be expired  December 31,
    2023 if you don’t use them
  • On their reward chart Turkish does state direct flights on Star
    Alliance carriers so connecting flights may not work for these mileage
    amounts within North America (perhaps if any of our readers have redeemed Miles&Smiles within North America they confirm if this is the case).

Offer details:

Earn up to 75% Bonus Miles&Smiles Miles when you buy Miles&Smiles miles. Valid Until May 2, 22 Click here for more details on this offer.

  • Buy 5.000 – 24.999 Miles, get 25% extra Miles
  • Buy 25.000 – 49.999 Miles, get 50% extra Miles
  • Buy 50.000 – 99.999 Miles, get 75% extra Miles

To buy miles you need to log in to your Miles&Smiles account, navigate to “My account” and then click on Miles Transactions:


On that page you’ll see the buy miles button:

Click on buy and you’ll have a small form to fill out:


Choose Miles and who you are buying for and then input the number of
miles and click the buy miles button at which point you’ll be taken to
the payment page. Normally you can only up to 50,000 miles however
during this promotion you can buy up to 99,999 miles.