AIR MILES Bonus Boom is back! Earn bonus miles with participating partners + up 300 bonus miles when using multiple offers

The latest AIR MILES Bonus Boom event kicked off today with your usual set of bonus miles offers for shopping or completing actions with
various AIR MILES partners. Most of the
bonuses are available between today and February 23. While this may version may not be called Bonus Boom Boost like we saw at the end of 2021 the additional bonus is tiered for using multiple offers is more like Boost rather than the previous Bonus Boom offers which had your standard 95 miles for three offers.

With this version you will earn 100 bonus AIR MILES Reward Miles when you use 3 different offers, 200 bonus miles for 5 different offers or 300 bonus miles for 7 different offers. Just like the past few Bonus Boom events you have the ability to earn these bonus
miles all from one retailer so long as they have multiple offers. For
example Sobeys has three different offers available so if you meet the
criteria for those three offers you’ll get the 100 bonus miles.

Some offers in the Bonus Boom boost are automatic where no action is needed on your part other than showing your AIR MILES card to earn miles however others do require you to opt-in. To find offers that are available to you and those that you need to opt-in for be sure to log in to your AIR MILES account on the Bonus
Boom page to see them and then opt-in to as many as you

Here’s an example of what those opt-in offers look like:


Learn more about Bonus Boom and check out your offers here