Rewards Canada’s Guide to Business Class Lounge Access – Updated for 2022

The next long running Rewards Canada feature to get its yearly update and also be moved to the new format on our site is our Guide to Business Class Lounge Access. There weren’t a ton of changes to this 8+ year old feature which looks at all the ways Canadians can access business class lounges at airports without having elite status or flying in business or first class.

The Rewards Canada Guide to Business Class Lounge access is broken down into the following sections

The whole piece was cleaned up and updated across all those sections and these were the main updates to the feature:

  • Pricing updates – updated the prices for accessing lounges across the board whether it was single entry, annual passes or airline club programs.
  • Priority Pass discounts – Priority Pass is still offering up to 50% off annual memberships so that has been reflected in the piece. The Priority Pass sale is best for the Standard and Standard Plus memberships while our ongoing partner discount with Priority Pass is best for the top end Prestige membership
  • Plaza Premium Access: We’ve listed which Visa cards have the limited time Plaza Premium access due to the whole Priority Pass losing Plaza Premium news from last year
  • More Credit Cards: We’ve added more credit cards to the section for cards that provide access (like the Amex Gold Rewards card which now has lounge access)
  • LoungePair: We added this new company from New Zealand who let you bid a price on lounge access. The company recently expanded to include some lounges in Canada so they have been added to the feature

We’ve also added a couple new tips in the piece such as utilizing Dragonpass for single entry purchases to Plaza Premium lounges as sometimes Dragonpass has the best pricing. 

Wrapping it up

The Rewards Canada Guide to Business Class Lounge access is now set and raring to go for 2022. Be sure to check it out to see how you can access lounges without being an elite status member or flying in a premium class. Although the feature gets a big once a year makeover it is continually monitored and updated on a regular basis as changes happen so be sure to check it out frequently.

Click here to check out Rewards Canada’s Guide to Business Class Lounge Access