Air Canada Aeroplan delaying the introduction of revenue based points earning on flights

When the new Aeroplan program launched nearly a year ago one of the changes they announced that was set to come this year has now been put on the back burner. That change was the move to a full on revenue based points accrual system for Air Canada flights and partner flights ticketed by Air Canada. The airline let us know this morning that this planned late 2021 change will now not occur until at least the end of 2022. 

This means the current Aeroplan point earn structure will remain in place for at least 12-13 months if not longer. Here is what Air Canada told us:

We have decided to pause this transition, in large part due to a myriad of factors centered around the impacts of COVID-19 – more specifically: 

  • Evolving customer needs and preferences as we exit the pandemic.
  • New, high-priority projects to ensure a simplified travel experience for customers as a result of COVID-related travel restrictions and requirements.

The current structure is a pseudo-distance and revenue based points earning system. That is, you earn points based on the miles flown but the percentage of miles you actually earn depends on the fare class you buy. 

For example these are the current earn rates when flying with Air Canada:

 This earning chart will now remain in place until late 2022 and Air Canada did also let us know that they will provide “reasonable advance notice’ to members when they do move to a complete revenue based earn model.