Aeroplan credit card holders now receive a free Uber Pass benefit

Just over a year ago Aeroplan launched a partnership with Uber Eats whereby you could earn points on Uber Eats orders made through the Aeroplan eStore. Today that partnership with Uber has been expanded and it operates in pretty much the same fashion as the RBC & DoorDash Pass offer. This new Aeroplan partnership sees holders of an Aeroplan co-brand credit card receive a free Uber Pass membership. The free membership runs for three, six or twelve months depending on which card you have.

If you have a TD or CIBC Aeroplan co-brand card you can join today while American Express will launch on November 1. Cardholders will be able to save up to $120 in monthly membership costs and have unlimited $0 Delivery Fees and 5% savings off eligible restaurant orders over $15 on Uber Eats, and save on grocery orders through Cornershop over $40, where available. Cardholders will also unlock new Uber Rides perks each month with discounts available only to Passholders. To enjoy these benefits, Cardholders must activate their free membership by September 7, 2022.

To take advantage of the free Uber Pass Membership here’s what you need to do: 

  1. Simply open your Uber or Uber Eats App (or download it);
  2. Add your eligible Aeroplan credit card to your Uber account
  3. Activate your free Uber Pass membership and use your Aeroplan credit card when paying for qualifying purchases (the same one used to activate your free membership). 

Participating Cards – Launching September 8, 2021
TD® Aeroplan® Visa Platinum* Card – 3 months free
TD® Aeroplan® Visa Infinite* Card – 6 months free
TD® Aeroplan® Visa* Business Card – 6 months free
TD® Aeroplan® Visa Infinite Privilege* Card – 12 months free
CIBC Aeroplan® Visa* Card – 3 months free
CIBC Aeroplan® Visa Infinite* Card – 6 months free
CIBC Aeroplan® Visa* Business Card – 6 months free
CIBC Aeroplan® Visa* Business Plus Card – 6 months free
CIBC Aerogold® Visa* Card – 6 months free
CIBC Aeroplan® Visa Infinite Privilege* Card – 12 months free

Participating Cards – Launching November 1, 2021
American Express®* Aeroplan® Card – 6 months free
American Express®* Aeroplan® Reserve Card – 12 months free
American Express®* Aeroplan® Business Reserve Card – 12 months free
In the months of September and October 2021, American Express is extending eligible Aeroplan® Cardmembers a special offer – spend $10 on a qualifying Uber Eats purchase each month and get a $10 statement credit, up to a maximum of $20 in statement credits. Terms apply.

I would assume the Amex statement credits will show up in the Amex Offers section when you log in to Amex online or via the app.

Aeroplan is also hinting at an expanded fully linked loyalty partnership
with Uber coming later in the year but no further details have been
provided at this time. By fully linked one could guess that we may see
Aeroplan point earning on Uber rides and the launch of Uber Rewards

Wrapping it up

It doesn’t seem that a week goes by without news from Air Canada and Aeroplan and this week is now no exception. This marks one of the first non-points earning partnerships for the Aeroplan program but I think this is just testing ground to getting things ready for one that does earn points. In terms of value of this promotion I mentioned at the start that it is similar to the RBC and DoorDash offer however the RBC deal provides a longer free membership period for their mainstay cards (Visa Infinite and World Elite products) of 12 months versus only 6 months of Uber Pass for the equivalent Aeroplan cards. No matter what though this is a nice little perk that has been added to these cards that I’m sure existing and new cardholders will enjoy!

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