Receive elite status with Sixt rent a car when you have status with any number of airline or hotel programs


I feel like I may have written about this offer briefly many years ago but I can’t seem to find where I wrote about so just in case I didn’t write about it here it is! This is a nice and easy status match offer that can be put to use if you will be renting a car outside of Canada. Germany’s Sixt rent a car provides a status match program for many of their airline and hotel partners. If you hold status with Lufthansa’s Miles & More, American AAdvantage, Marriott Bonvoy or numerous other programs you can receive Sixt Gold or Platinum status.

Personally I received Sixt Gold status by matching it to my Marriott Gold status which I just happened to get via The Platinum Card from American Express:

For most programs Gold will get you Sixt Gold and higher elite status levels will get you Sixt Platinum. It does vary however, for example Delta SkyMiles Silver Medallion members will receive Sixt Gold status while Gold, Platinum and Diamond SkyMiles members will receive Sixt Platinum status. Click here to see their entire list of partners and then click on the partner to see what is offered. If  the partner page shows this wording and button that partner is most likely part of the status match program:

Click on that ‘Reservations and Promotions’ button to be taken to the detailed partner page and you should see this (I provide a few examples here):

Click on the appropriate link for your level of status with that program, complete the details and before you know it you’ll have the status.

What does Sixt elite status provide? Not a whole heck of a lot of benefits but enough to make it worthwhile to go through the process of the status match (the match only takes a few minutes online)

Here are the benefits:

Sixt Gold

  • Up to 10% discount at SIXT
  • Preferred mobility up to 48 hours
  • Free additional driver for all rentals in the US
  • Birthday surprise
  • Exclusive offers for Gold card members

Sixt Platinum

  • Exclusive counter and parking
  • Free upgrade upon availability
  • Up to 15% discount at SIXT
  • Collect bonus points with participating programs
  • Free additional driver for all rentals in the US
  • Birthday surprise

The main benefit is the discount on rental pricing for both levels while Platinums can enjoy free upgrades.

As I mentioned I received the status from having Marriott Gold via the Platinum Card. I have updated our very popular feature How to maximize the elite status benefits from The Platinum Card from American Express to include the Sixt status match offer. With Sixt added to that piece you can now receive 14 elite statuses just by having that card. Truth be told I could have used the Radisson Rewards Gold Status or even the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Five Star status from the Platinum to receive the Sixt Gold status.


Wrapping it up

Sixt rent a car doesn’t have a presence in Canada but they do have over 2,200 locations on 105 countries with their best coverage being in Europe but they do also have over 50 locations in the U.S. So if you do travel outside of Canada and do rent cars on that international travel be sure to take advantage of this status match so that you can score some discounts and upgrades.