Receive a $75 Visa gift card, save some $$ and still earn points plus elite credit for stays at two Marriott Hotels in Victoria

Here we have one addition to the post we had late in July that showed some of these regional tourism board offers we have writing about are better than just getting a gift card. In that previous post we showed that they offers actually price better than the best available rates at select hotels and since you book direct with the actual hotel chain you can receive all your points earning and elite member recognition and benefits. In this post we bring you another example of just that with two Marriott hotels in Victoria  

Again in our search for Marriott bonus offers for our bonus offers section we came across Marriott promoting this offer so we had to give it a go to see if it fit the bill of being cheaper while getting the gift card. Here’s what we found on most nights beginning with the Victoria Marriott Inner Harbour Hotel:

The $75 gift card offer priced $1 cheaper per night. Sure that’s not a huge savings but you got to remember you’re getting that gift card as well.

Click here to learn more and/or book this offer at the Victoria Marriott Inner Harbour!

And the Delta Hotels Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort priced out like this:

Here the offer prices out $25 cheaper per night but do note they are only offering the $75 gift card in the premium rooms. Their base rooms which price around $360 don’t appear to be part of the offer. This hotel doesn’t have a specific landing/booking page for the offer but it can be found by searching for a 2 night stays and then clicking on the ‘Deals & Packages’ tab.

Click here to book this offer at the Delta Ocean Pointe Resort!

Wrapping it up

As you can see with some of these offers not only are your getting
the gift card(s) and/or area discounts but the actual rates to stay at
the hotels are better than the best available rates! All in all
something to remember and check out if you are planning any stays over
the next few months in the cities that have these offers.

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