WestJet elite members can earn up to 2x qualifying spend on WestJet flights for the remainder of the year

WestJet is looking forward to travel returning this year and to encourage their elite members to fly with them they launched this pretty sweet offer! For the remainder of the year all WestJet Rewards elite tier members (Silver, Gold, Platinum) can earn up 2x qualifying spend when they fly on WestJet. If a member has already reached Platinum there is an additional offer to earn some business class companion vouchers. Read on to find out more.

First off, this promotion will be automatically applied for all elite members – no registration is required! This is great if you consider how we explain the process of making sure you earn bonuses in our guide How to earn bonus miles and points on travel, shopping and credit cards. That means when you fly WestJet between June 4 and December 31 you’ll earn up to 2x qualifying spend on all eligible flights:

  • Eligible flights: Anywhere WestJet flies
  • Qualifying spend bonus: 50% more on eligible base fares in the Economy cabin; 100% more on eligible base fares in the Premium and Business cabins
  • Eligible fares: Econo, EconoFlex, Premium, PremiumFlex, Business, BusinessFlex (excludes Basic fares and all Member Exclusive fares)

This means current Silver members could achieve Gold with as little as $2,500 in spending and Gold members could achieve Platinum status with as little as $4,000 in spending. It also means you can achieve Milestone Awards (WestJet wide companion voucher) with as little as $2,000 in spending. 

If you are already a Platinum member you can still achieve those Milestone Awards quicker as reference above but since you can’t gain any higher of a status level WestJet is offering the following:

Use this qualifying spend accelerator to accrue an additional $6500 in
qualifying spend (that’s as little as $3250 on Premium base fares when
the bonus is applied) on travel between June 4 and December 31, 2021 and
you’ll receive two exclusive Business cabin companion vouchers, one for
travel within Canada and one for travel between Canada and Europe, each
valid for use in 2022.2 This offer is exclusive to members who hold Platinum status as of June 4, 2021.

So if you spend as little as $3,250 you’ll get a couple of Business Class companion fares! These could potentially provide some huge value if ticket prices jump in 2022!

It’s nice to see WestJet looking after their elite members with this new accelerated earn rate for flying with them. Hopefully we’ll see an offer for non-elite members as well –  especially for those with some qualifying dollars under their belt who just need a little bit extra to earn status.

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