American Express is planning something for their travel cards but we don’t know what it is!

You may have seen some ads from American Express that started showing up on our site over the past few days. Those ads state “Your future is about to get a whole lot more rewarding” and shows five of American Express’ travel cards. When you click on the ad (or the link below) all that is revealed is a form to complete to “get information on American Express® products, offers and more”. The form asks for your first name, email address, which benefit (reward) appeals to you the most and how much you plan to spend on your card annually. That’s it. Nothing else.


The ad as seen on our main site

What could be in store? Beats me. A lot of times we get advance notice from the card issuers on changes happening to their products but this time Amex has been hush hush about it. All we know is they want Canadians to sign up to get the latest card offers in their email. Whether those are increased targeted welcome bonuses (we’ve seen Amex Canada toying around with targeted offers of late), changes to earn rates on their cards or card revamps – we don’t know. They show their two Aeroplan cards, the Platinum card, Marriott Bonvoy and AIR MILES Reserve card in the ads. Are these the only cards changing or will others be in the mix as well? For example we just recently posted that the American Express Gold Rewards Card needs a tweak. Will that card be seeing an update? There are many questions that can be posed but for the time being we don’t have any clue as to what is going to make our future more rewarding. Only time will tell and right now it seems like the answers will come by subscribing to their wait list!

You can sign up for the wait list here. 


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