Receive up to a 100% bonus when you buy Aeroplan Points

 We are just short of a year since Air Canada began selling Aeroplan points full time and without being a top off for an offer. In this short time period Air Canada has already made a name for itself in running some pretty lucrative bonus offers for buying their points and today we get another one of those limited time offers!

From now to April 2nd when you buy Aeroplan points you can get up to 100% bonus for doing so! The bonus is tiered based on the amount of points you buy as follows:

Buy 3,000 – 19,000 points, get a 60% bonus

Buy 20,000 – 55,000 points, get a 80% bonus

Buy 60,000 – 350,000 points, get a 100% bonus  

All three levels are actually quite decent but of course the best is buying 60,000 or more points at once so that you are paying the least amount possible per point.

When you buy at the 100% level you are paying 1.5 cents per points (C$) before any GST/HST. This is an awesome price consider it is really easy to redeem for flights with a value of 2 cents or more. The maximum number of points you can buy in one transaction is 350,000 (700,000 with the bonus) for C$10,500 + tax

Learn more about this offer and/or buy Aeroplan points here

 Let us know in the comments section below if you plan on taking advantage of this offer and how you plan on using the points!

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