Receive a 30% bonus when you buy World of Hyatt points

Hyatt has brought back their 30% bonus on buying points.  This version was last seen in October/November of last year and it allows you to buy World of Hyatt points for only 1.85 cents (US) each.  There is potential value in buying these points
for select Hyatt stays around the globe as you can easily get more
value than that per point on the right redemptions. Ideally since the transaction with who facilitates the sale is conducted in US$ you’ll want to use a credit card that has No Foreign Transaction fees to get the best value possible out of the points.

Offer details:

30% Bonus World of Hyatt Points when you buy 5,000 or more points. Buy points here. Until Feb 23, 21

The maximum number of points you can buy annually is 55,000 which means with this bonus you could end up with 71,500 points for US$1,320:

While Hyatt’s footprint is still relatively small in Canada they have been expanding their portfolio at a good pace. It was only a few years where they had four locations in our country and that has tripled over the last couple of years. Hyatt plans on opening a few more locations this year (watch for annual new hotels posts coming soon!) and adding dozens more over the next sevearl years.