You can now redeem Aeroplan points for inflight Wi-Fi on Air Canada

Air Canada Aeroplan sent out news today revealing the launch of their first extra perk that they have been highly taunting us with since the revealing of the new program earlier this fall. The perk is a new redemption option where you can now redeem Aeroplan points for Wi-Fi onboard Air Canada flights.

Starting December 14th, members will be able to redeem their points for a single use Wi-Fi pass on board all Gogo equipped aircrafts on all routes. Passes are available starting as low as 850 points for select flights under 2 hours, and some example prices for entire flight passes include:

YYZ-YUL: 850 pts
YYZ-YVR: 1,400 pts
YYZ-LHR: 2,100 pts

Members can redeem their points by visiting onboard the aircraft, selecting the desired pass they want, and logging in with their Aeroplan number and password.

A quick look at the points pricing places the redemption rates at below1 cent per point for short flights (the YYZ-YUL flight costs C$6.50 if you pre-buy) and then it goes up in value when you redeem for longer flights. Of course you  will get better value for other redemptions like flight rewards but again if you have more points than you know what to do with them or not many points where you may not be able to get a flight reward options like these can be considered to save you a little cash.

Learn more about Air Canada’s in flight Wi-Fi here.

Image via Air Canada