OFFER EXTENDED LifeMiles offering a 200% bonus when buying miles – and how to use it to fly on the cheap within Canada or beyond


The biggest bonus for buying Avianca LifeMiles has returned as their
Cyber Week offer. From now until December 3 December 8 when you buy any amount of
LifeMiles from 1, 000 to 200,000 you will earn a 200% bonus (Triple
Miles). No matter which level you buy at you are buying the miles for US
1.1 cents each. That’s an incredible deal to be buying miles that can
be used for Star Alliance flights including Air Canada.


Let’s take Vancouver to Toronto for this Christmas, December 24 – 31:

To buy the flights in business on Air Canada you are looking at $2,177.86:

And the same flights as an Aeroplan redemption (this is standard level with no credit card or elite discount)

Right now Aeroplan has a 50% bonus when buying Aeroplan miles so if you had no miles you could buy the 50,000 for 2 cents a piece or $1,000 plus taxes. So all in your are looking to pay between $1100 and $1200 for these flights as a buy miles. However here are the same flights with LifeMiles:

You only need 50,000 LifeMiles to fly Air Canada business class on this exact route. You would need to buy 17,000 LifeMiles as follows:

Add up to $561 to buy the miles and $41.51 in taxes for a total cost of $602.51 or about C$785.

To recap here are the costs in C$ from the three options for this same flight:

  • Air Canada revenue ticket: $2,177.86
  • Aeroplan ticket (as a buy miles purchase): ~$1,200
  • LifeMiles ticket (as a buy miles purchase): ~$785

As you can see if you don’t have Aeroplan Miles for this route then buying LifeMiles could really be the way to go. This is only one example of a domestic business class flight but there are so many more options to utilizing LifeMiles since they are part of Star Alliance. Business Class flights around the world are a great deal with this buy miles offer and so are economy class flights within Canada – really the options are almost endless

Offer details:

200% bonus when you buy LifeMiles. Buy miles here. Until Dec 8, 20

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Images via LifeMiles and Air Canada