Air Canada Gifts with Travel Promo – Double Points, Free Checked Bag or Free Seat Selection when booking Air Canada flights (Book by 12/15, travel by 6/30)


Earlier this week Air Canada came out with another holiday offer – this time for booking flights within Canada, to the U.S. or to Sun Destinations. They provide three promo codes that you can choose from that will provide you with your choice of free checked bags, free seat selection or double Aeroplan points. Depending on what fare class, what your elite status is and even which Aeroplan credit card you hold can help you determine which promo code to choose if you are planning on booking any flights. The codes are as follows (click to make larger):

If you have an Aeroplan premium or ultra premium co-brand credit card (see them compared here) you won’t want to take the Free Checked Bag promo code as you card already has that covered. However if you don’t have one of those cards and are buying one of the first two economy fare classes this is code can be of value if you don’t covet seat selection.  The same goes for free seat selection as you only pay for seat selection on the bottom two economy class fare types. As well since those bottom fare types don’t earn very many Aeroplan points to begin with that the doubling of them won’t be worth much so I would probably go with the free seat selection or checked bag. Of course if you have a credit card that covers bags and you aren’t picky about where you sit in the plane then go for the points. For fare classes of Economy Flex and up there is no point in utilizing the ‘free’ offer promo codes – go straight for the double points. 

This offer is good for bookings made until December 15 for travel right through to June 30, 2021

Learn more about and book this offer here.

Images via Air Canada