Monday, November 30, 2020

Rewards Canada Clash of the Reward Charts! Amex Fixed Points for Travel versus RBC Avion Air Travel Redemption

Welcome to next Rewards Canada Clash!

If you listened to our podcast New window from June entitled Clash of the Credit Cards - you'll know that we've changed our Showdown features to Clashes. The reason why is that lots of sites and blogs are using Showdown now, some are using battle so we wanted to continue to be unique so our comparisons are now Clashes! 

In this clash we aren't comparing credits cards head to head in our normal fashion where we compare all the benefits, earning etc. Instead this a Clash of the Reward Charts from two credit card issuers! In this case we take a look at the RBC Avion Airline Reward Chart versus American Express's Fixed Points for Travel Chart.

Continue on to the main Rewards Canada site to read the Clash in its entirety!

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