Podcast Episode 70 – COVID-19 and the airline refund situation in Canada

Episode 70 – August 10, 2020

COVID-19 and the airline refund situation in Canada

In this episode we discuss the biggest
topic in travel that has arisen due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and that’s
the issue of Canadian travellers getting or not getting refunds for
flights that were cancelled by Canadian airlines. We delve into the
topic primarily by giving real world examples from our readers and
listeners and how they have handled getting or not getting refunds,
their success or lack thereof with credit card charge backs and more.
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It has been years since I have felt the need to write to
my MP or MPP with my concerns about government policy. I am normally
able to accept that there will be some things I can agree with and some
things I don’t. I am writing today to tell you how upset I am at your
government’s lack of action on demanding Canadian airlines refund their
passengers for services not provided.

I have supported you at the ballot box and even been to a
rally during an election campaign but you will no longer have my
support if your government continues to allow Canadian airlines to
steal money from Canadians and offer useless in vouchers in their
place. I am now forced to go through my credit card company and likely
the courts to get my money back for flights that were cancelled by the
airlines. It is obvious by the outrageous prices for future flights
that the vouchers are essentially worthless and quite frankly illegal
as the airlines provided me with nothing for the money I gave them.

The minister of transportation has clearly sided with
the airlines and their billions of dollars in the bank against
Canadians and potential voters. The airlines should use bankruptcy
protection to allow themselves to restructure as airlines do all the
time. I would never invest in an airline for this reason, but I do
think that it is the shareholders not unwilling Canadians who should be
paying for this. The minister seems concerned about their being an
airline industry coming out of this crisis. Of course there will be.
Let them restructure and create an industry that is suitable for a
pandemic and post pandemic time.

I have no idea why your government seems to be against
the consumer. You will likely be facing a difficult election next year
as Canadians have the time to assess the governments successes and
failures of the current crisis. There will be thousands of voters
holding onto to useless vouchers putting their X beside another party
because the Liberals chose to ignore them and their hard earned money
that is sitting with airlines rather than helping them to survive this
difficult pandemic.