Two Plaza Premium lounges have reopened at Vancouver International Airport

Yesterday we brought you the news that Air Canada will be re-opening one of their Maple Leaf lounges today in Toronto and others by Labour Day. They aren’t alone in opening up, earlier this week Plaza Premium reopened two lounges in Vancouver.

We gave you th news on Twitter on Monday with our tweet detailing the July 20th update of our COVID-19 Resources pages but feel that this news warrants its own post.

It was actually this past Monday that Plaza Premium starting re-opening some lounges in their network of lounges around the world – well all of the ones that have opened are in Asia except for the two that opened in Vancouver! It appears that their lounge in Helsinki will open up on August 1. 

The two YVR lounges that are now open are the International Departure Lounge at Pier D which is only open Sundays from 10:30 to 2:30pm and the domestic lounge at Level 3, Domestic Departures, Pier C, near Gate C29. The domestic lounge is open daily from 7:00am to 3:00pm.

As you can see the hours are quite limited right now which makes sense given the volume of traffic that is being seen in airports at this time.

Plaza Premium has also implemented safety measures much like Air Canada is doing with their Maple Leaf lounges from social distancing, removal of reading materials to frequent sanitizing and now providing pre-portioned food instead of a self service buffets.

You can access the Plaza Premium lounges in Vancouver via a variety of methods including Priority Pass, credit card lounge access (Amex, Mastercard etc.) or you can book and pay for a visit online with Plaza Premium.

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