Buy Aeroplan Miles and receive up to a 75% bonus + 100% Altitude Qualifying Dollars up to $5,000

Aeroplan hasn’t been selling miles for very long but they are already pushing out their second big promotion for those who want to buy or gift miles! The first time they ran a promotion was when they launched the ability to buy miles at any time and that promotion offered an astonishing 115% bonus for those who got in on the offer right away – then others were able to get 90% followed by 60%. This time the offer will be a mystery bonus, a promotion we’ve seen from other programs selling miles like Alaska Airlines. When you login you’ll see what your bonus will be and we know it will max out at 75% for some members. What the criteria is to get the 75% is unknown but if we take what other programs have done in it is usually reserved for those who have bought miles before. On top of the mystery bonus Aeroplan will also be providing 100% of what you spend on the miles (pre tax) as Altitude Qualifying Dollars (AQD) up to a maximum of $5,000.

This is the perfect promotion for those of you who may have already earned some AQMs through Aeroplan’s Travel at Home promotions where you have enough AQMs for one level of Altitude status but not enough AQDs. If you actually spend $5,000 buying Aeroplan Miles the 5,000 AQD covers the requirements for Prestige 25K and Elite 35K. Or it may be just enough to get you to that next level should you already have some AQDs earned from flying before or even during the pandemic.

This promotion is slated to run until July 12 so you have less than a week to take advantage of it however (don’t quote me on this though) many of the buy miles promotions, even Aeroplan’s first one, tend to get an extension these days!

Learn more about this offer here.

Update: Here is the offer I received:

Buy 2,000-50,000 miles = 25% bonus miles

Buy 60,000-170,000 miles = 40% bonus miles

Buy 180,000-240,000 miles = 60% bonus miles

Buy 250,000+ miles = 75% bonus miles