Fairmont Hotels Explore Canada offer – Get every 2nd night free for stays at 18 Fairmont Hotels until June 30, 2021

Ok – you might be like whoa stop it with all the Fairmont deal posts and I admit there have been lots as Fairmont has been adding hotels every few days to their Stay Close offer where you get every 2nd night (or 2nd room) for free for the rest of 2020. In fact our latest post was just a few short hours ago as the Fairmont Pacific Rim was added into the deal.Well if you are sick of the Fairmont posts I’m sorry but here is another one that in fact most of you should like and take note of as it brings many more of their Canadian hotels into the mix. This latest offer from Fairmont Hotels is called Explore Canada and is in partnership with Air Canada and Avis with three promotions:

The Fairmont portion of Explore Canada is an expansion of the Stay Close offer. In fact it uses the same promo code (PLCL) as the Stay Close offer The booking code has now been updated to PLCA and instead of only being available for stays until the end of 2020 this version is good for stays until June 30, 2021! The only caveat is they state that all bookings need to be made by June 16. Here are the participating Canadian Fairmont hotels and the dates this offer is valid:

This is 18 of their 19 properties in Canada – the only hotel that isn’t participating is the Fairmont Vancouver Airport hotel.  You do have to prepay the stay(s) but they are fully refundable as long as you cancel within time. Depending on which hotel you book that cancellation period is anywhere from 24 hours to 7 days before your check in date.

This is the perfect promotion for this summer and beyond as most Canadians that are planning to travel will be doing so within our fine borders. You have discounted hotel rates, discounted flights on Air Canada and car rental discounts from Avis. The perfect travel trio.

Click here for complete details and to book this awesome deal.

Terms & conditions:

Buy one night and receive a complimentary second
night during the same stay. A 1 night prepaid fully-refundable deposit
is required. This promotion is subject to availability and may not be
combined with any other offers, promotions or packages. For stays
through June 30, 2021. Blackout dates may apply. 

You may also use your complimentary night as a
second room on the same night. Should you wish to do so, please book a
two night stay and then you must call the hotel directly to amend the
reservation. The reservation will be amended to have two rooms in the
same room category for the price of one for one night. 

ALL Rewards points may not be redeemed to cover the
cost of any charges associated with stays booked on this offer either at
time of booking or during the stay. This includes, but is not limited
to charges for room rate/restaurant/in-room dining/spa/golf. 

Members who book through this offer will receive the
on-property benefits associated with their tier level at time of stay. 

Members will earn points at standard earn rates for
room charges and all eligible spend that is charged to their room during
the stay.