Select BCAA members may receive a $25 Best Western Travel Card for joining Best Western Rewards

In my everyday search for new bonus offers to add to the bonus offers sections on Rewards Canada Frequent Flyer Bonuses I came across this offer from Best Western Rewards for British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA) members. Now before I get into the offer you should note that it is targetted – it says so right in the terms and conditions: “British Columbia Automobile Association (“BCAA”) members
(“Member(s)”) who (a) have been selected to participate in this
Promotion (which will be communicated to them via email), (b) enroll in
the Best Western Rewards program (with a valid, subscribed email
address) within 10 days of the date the email is sent to the Member
.” so if you have not received an email from BCAA asking you to join BWR there is a good chance you won’t qualify.  

That being said – it never hurts to try. As we say in the world of points and miles, YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) which means you may or may not get the offer but you do try for it.  If you do want to try you can either register your existing BWR number (this tends not to work with these new member bonuses) or you can join the program via the link and make sure you input your BCAA membership number during the registration process. 

The offer itself provides a C$25 Best Western Travel Card when you join the program that you can use towards a stay at any Best Western hotel. Problem is that Travel Card will expire within 3 months from date of issue and there has been no news from Best Western about any extensions to any travel cards because of the Covid-19 pandemic.  This offer is similar to one offer to Central Ontario CAA members last summer however that offer wasn’t so deeply targeted.

Offer details:

Receive a $25 Best Western Travel Card when you join the Best Western
Rewards program. Valid for select BCAA (British Columbia Automobile
Association) members. Full details and online registration. (Registration is required)

Targeted offer – may not work for everyone

There’s also one other note with this offer that gives me some concern. The landing page URL contains a ’16’ in it – this could indicate the offer is from 2016 however this page didn’t show up anywhere in my scouring for bonus offers until late March. And Best Western does seem to have odd numbers at times in their URLs so the 16 may not mean anything.

If any of our readers in B.C. are BCAA members and did receive this email please let us know when you did and if you signed up for the offer! Or if you are member but didn’t get the email let us know if you will try it right away to see if it works out for you.