Reader Question: Can lifetime Air Canada Altitude elite members share status for 2021?

Back on April 6 we revealed Air Canada Altitude‘s COVID-19 response. The news was that they are extending elite status for their members, providing an option to share status and an ability to earn Altitude Qualifying Miles for donating Aeroplan Miles. Today’s reader question is on the option to share elite status.

Here is a recap of what Air Canada states for sharing status:

Since Altitude status is secure through 2021, if a member has already
achieved status for next year, or does so by the end of 2020, they can
gift it to a friend or family member.

This means if you have already achieved status for next year or will by the end of 2020 you can gift the status you earn from 2020 to someone else.

On our original post our reader Paul S. who has lifetime Air Canada Altitude Elite 50K status posed a very valid question in regards to sharing. He wondered since he has lifetime status can he also share status for 2021?

I reached out to Air Canada with this question and they responded to let us know that lifetime status does not have a sharing option as part of Air Canada Altitude’s pandemic response.

“The answer is that members will be able to share the status they “earn” based on their 2020 Altitude Qualifying Miles or Segment AND the Altitude Qualifying Dollar as tracked and published on the Air Canada Altitude website.”

This means if you have lifetime Altitude status you will only be able to share status with someone if you reach a qualifying Altitude level yourself within the program in 2020. 

Hope this helps Paul!