Up to a 100% Bonus when you buy IHG Rewards Club Points until December 30

IHG Rewards Club is once again running a buy points bonus!
This timed it is a tiered offer and you’ll really only want to take
part if you buy at the 30,000 point or higher level so that you can get
the full 100% bonus.  They have also increased the number of points you
can buy to 150,000 instead of 100,000. This sale runs until December 30,

The best price for buying points comes when you buy the  30,000 or
more points in one transaction as we already alluded to. For example,
buying 150,000 points (300,000 total with bonus) costs US$1,500 which
means each point will only cost you 0.5 cents. That’s up to 60 nights at
IHG hotels if redeeming via the PointBreaks 5,000
point level, 30 nights at 10,000 and 20 nights at the 15,000 point
level.  Even at that highest PointBreaks level it is like you are buying
each night for only US$75.

Offer Details

Up to 100% Bonus IHG Rewards Club Points when you buy points. Buy IHG Rewards Club Points here Until Dec 30, 19

Purchase 7,000 to 19,000 points to receive a 40% bonus

Purchase 20,000 to 29,000 points to receive a 60% bonus

Purchase 30,000 ore more points to receive a 100% bonus

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