35% Bonus Aeroplan Miles when you convert hotel loyalty program points is now live – Shangri-La is the star this time

Last week when we launched our contest to celebrate Aeroplan’s Black Friday Cyber Monday offers, one of them we let you know about was the hotel transfer bonus.

Here are the hotel partners participating in the Black Friday version of the hotel transfer bonus:

As you can see the most popular hotel transfer partner, Marriott Bonvoy, is not included this time so this version of the transfer bonus is more about cleaning out accounts. If you have points in any of the above hotel programs that you know you will never use towards a free night award but are enough to be transferred to Aeroplan then this may be the time to do so. These transfer bonuses are a really good way to use up ‘orphaned points’. This transfer bonus runs until December 3, 2019.

Learn more about Aeroplan’s Black Friday Hotel Transfer bonus here!

You can find this offer and many more Black Friday Cyber Monday offers on our BFCM Deals page!

One program you may want to look at a little closer is Shangri-La’s Golden Circle. If you have points in this program they are offering their own bonus incentive on converting points of 25%. That means Shangri-La will give you 25% bonus miles and then you’ll get the 35% on top of that from Aeroplan. For example if you convert 5,000 Golden Circle Points to Aeroplan the transfer should look like this:

5,000 Golden Circle Points = 5,000 Aeroplan Miles but with Shangri-La’s bonus that will become 6,250 Aeroplan Miles and then you’ll get the 35% from Aeroplan for a final total of ~8,438 miles.

Learn more about the Shangri-La Transfer bonus here. 

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