RBC Avion Cardholders: 20% Bonus Miles when you convert RBC Rewards Points to American AAdvantage


We see the first of RBC’s fall transfer bonus offers emerge this
month. This one is for transfers to American AAdvantage and while it’s
nice to have a 20% bonus it still doesn’t make up for the change in the
conversion ratio we saw a few years ago. The transfer ratio to American
AAdvantage is 1 RBC Reward Point = 0.7 American AAdvantage Miles (used
to 1:1 back in the day) and with this bonus it jumps to 0.84 AAdvantage
Miles per RBC Reward point. If and only if AAdvantage is your main
frequent flyer program and you can use these miles to top off for an
award (or get a full award at good value) would you want to convert your
points.  This offer is only available to Avion cardholders.

Offer details

20% Bonus AAdvantage Miles when you convert RBC Rewards Points (Avion cardholders only) to American AAdvantage. Full details Until Sep 30, 19