Convert Diners Club Club Rewards Points to British Airways Executive Club Avios and receive a 40% bonus

Last seen in November of last year, the Diners Club to British Airways
conversion bonus is back and is once again a 40% bonus.

If you are thinking of redeeming soon for travel on British
Airways or any of their oneworld partners this may be the time to
This one is for those select few of us who have held onto to our Diners Club Mastercards
as the card isn’t technically available for new applications. The regular transfer rate is
1,250 Club Rewards Points to 1,000 Avios so with this bonus that equates
to 1,400 Avios. That equates to 1.12 Avios per dollar spent on the card.
Nothing special and it’s not great like the 2+ Avios you can earn on eats and drinks (convert to Marriott to BA) with the American Express Cobalt Card or the category bonuses of 2 Avios per dollar with The American Express Gold Rewards Card
and that doesn’t take into account the transfer bonuses that Amex also runs from time to time. No matter what for Diners Club it is still better than the regular transfer rate so this is a good time to transfer! I may end up transferring some of my Club Rewards points to BA however it may work out better if I transfer to Alaska Airlines instead of BA, just have to do some research. (hopefully Diners runs an Alaska Airlines transfer bonus!)

Remember you can use British Airways Executive Club to
fly to many destinations in the U.S. from Canada for between 15,000 and
25,000 Avios round trip (See here for details on that)

Offer details:

40% Bonus Avios when you convert Diners Club Club Rewards points to British Airways Executive Club. Full details Until Oct 31, 19

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