Amex Membership Rewards: 30% Bonus Avios when transferring to British Airways Executive Club

Showing up earlier than last year we see the return of a
transfer bonus from American Express Membership Rewards to British
Airways Executive Club! Once again the bonus is a decent 30%!

These transfer bonuses are the one thing many owners of hybrid credits
cards look forward to as hybrid cards points can be redeemed via
credit card or give you the ability to transfer those points to frequent
flyer and frequent guest programs, and it is the transfer bonus to those
that are anticipated. Of the bonuses, people always look forward to the
RBC Avion transfer bonus to British Airways Executive Club and this
bonus, the American Express Membership Rewards transfer offer to British
Airways Executive Club!

The minimum
transfer is 1,000 points with no stated maximum.

British Airways Executive Club offers many excellent redemption options
which is why the transfer bonuses to the program always get so much
attention. We talk about the North American redemptions in our feature Utilizing British Airways’ Executive Club for flights in North America
which sees one way flights starting at only 7,500 Avios (15,000 round
trip). That means a one way flight is only 5,770 Membership Rewards
points with this promotion!

Another redemption to look at is the Toronto-Dublin option we
seem to always bring up as that is only 26,000 Avios, or 20,000
Membership Rewards points with this transfer bonus. If you have the
American Express Gold Rewards card that means you would only have to spend
as little as $10,000 on the card to get that latter flight or even less if you with the dining earn on The Platinum card – only $6666.67 in dining spend at 3 points per dollar will get you this redemption option. No other cards in the market can provide a flight to Ireland for that little amount of spending. Of
course you then have the business class and first class redemption
option on British Airways, Cathay Pacific and so many more of the
oneworld Alliance airlines! Too many options to list here!

Now there is another new redemption that is actually pricing cheaper
than Toronto-Dublin and that is Aer Lingus’ new flight from Montreal to
Dublin that will launch in 2020. During to off-peak period that
flight is only 10,000 Avios each way in economy class or just under
7,700 Membership Rewards points each way with this promotion. That is an
unmatched redemption option! Flying to Dublin for just over 15,000
points round trip!

The good news is that if you travelling abroad British Airways still has
the 4,500 Avios Short Haul option in Europe and Asia so you can utilize
this bonus for those short hops overseas!

Find out more about the American Express 30% transfer bonus which runs until October here.

Here are the best two cards for earning Membership Rewards Points and if
you apply for them now and get your spending on them completed by mid October you should still be able to get in on the transfer