Grab the TD First Class Visa Infinite Card now for an easy 80,000 points – it will get harder to get them come June

Another card change to let you know about – one we did give mention to in one of our daily updates a few days ago. On June 3rd the TD First Class Visa Infinite Card will come out with a new offer and it is not as good as the current offering. That means if you have been considering this card and were waiting to see if it might get better that’s not happening. The current offer of up to 80,000 points will be changed. It will still be 80,000 points but a quarter of those points won’t be seen until you’ve had the card for a year and pay the annual fee for it in the second year. As well to score half the points you’ll have to spend more on the card when compared to the current offer. The good news is that it will still be first year free however.

The card matrix below shows the latest offer on this card and may not be representative of the discussion above: