Give A Mile Flight Hero Christmas Campaign – Help a recipient visit their dad diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer

 We wanted to update the Rewards Canada community on our progress with this year’s Give A Mile Flight Hero Campaign. As you all know we have worked closely with Give A Mile for several years now and we hold this charity close to our hearts. Every year as the Christmas season approaches Give A Miles launches their holiday campaign to boost donations to give flights of compassion to those who otherwise could not afford it.

When we kicked off the 2018 campaign we didn’t have a specific flight of compassion assigned to us but Give A Mile has let us know we do have one now.

Here is a message from our campaign flight recipient:

My dad has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I would be grateful for
the opportunity to keep my promise to my dad. I know it would give him
something to smile about and also I can be support to my mother who has
had to bare this heavy weight for months. Thank you so much for your
consideration. We believe in miracles and opportunity gives us some
comfort and hope

Our goal as a 2018 Flight Hero is to reach donations of 100,000 Aeroplan Miles. We started the campaign off with a 50,000 mile donation from ourselves and our readers have kicked in an additional 5,500 miles plus some cash from Reason2Roam! Actually we’ll make that 6,500 miles as one reader mentioned they donated 1,000 miles via the general link!

We are asking our readers to help us reach that goal of 100,000 miles! We only need 44,500 more miles. So whether it’s 45 of you at 1,000 miles each or any other
combination it doesn’t matter! Help us help Give A Mile and Canadians in
dire circumstances the flights they need to visit their loved ones.

Donate today via Rewards Canada’s Flight Hero Page on Give A Mile

To donate simply click the link above and then click on Donate to this Story (make sure to click on the blue button on the Flight Hero page to ensure it is properly tracked)

You’ll go through a couple of steps and be able to choose which program
to donate from and once your donation is complete the total should be
updated on the Give A Mile site within a few minutes.

Give A Mile and Rewards Canada appreciate and are very thankful for any and all donations!

Finally we ask that you comment below after you donate! Don’t be shy,
let us and our readers know how much you donated and feel free to pass
along any comments or well wishes to Give A Mile!