Thursday, September 13, 2018

Now live: Earn 35% Bonus Aeroplan Miles when converting points from Marriott/SPG between Sep 13-17

A friendly reminder that this offer is now available with an updated link (and we've corrected the dates from our typo yesterday)

Aeroplan reached out to the frequent flyer blogger community last night with this exciting news about a much awaited transfer bonus from Marriott/SPG. It's been six months since we've last been able to convert Marriott/SPG points to Aeroplan with a bonus and this time the bonus is big but with very small window to do your actual transfer! What can this transfer bonus get you? Well Aeroplan provided us with some nice examples so we don't have to do the work!

Mile earning potential:
Convert                  Get
9,000 points = 3,000 Aeroplan Miles
+ 1,050 miles (35% bonus)
= 4,050 Aeroplan Miles
Convert                  Get
30,000 points = 10,000 Aeroplan Miles
+ 3,500 miles (35% bonus)
= 13,500 Aeroplan Miles
Convert                  Get
60,000 points = 20,000 Aeroplan Miles
+ 5,000 bonus miles from Marriott
+ 8,750 miles (35% bonus)
= 33,750 Aeroplan Miles
Convert                  Get
90,000 points = 30,000 Aeroplan Miles
+ 5,000 bonus miles from Marriott
+ 12,250 miles (35% bonus)
= 47,250 Aeroplan Miles
Convert                  Get
120,000 points = 40,000 Aeroplan Miles
+ 5,000 bonus miles from Marriott
+ 5,000 bonus miles from Marriott
+ 17,500 miles (35% bonus)
= 67,500 Aeroplan Miles

This is a great bonus to take advantage of if you know of some Aeroplan redemptions you may be planning in the near future. If you were someone like ourselves who converted points from the American Express Cobalt Card to SPG in hopes of a bonus like this well the time is here to pull out that huge value! I converted earlier in the year at 5 MR Select points to 2.5 Starpoints (7.5 in the new program) and add in the Marriott 5,000 bonus miles + 35% from this bonus and I would pull 4.21 Aeroplan miles per dollar spent on the card! That is some amazing value - now I may not actually convert. I have to look at our travel plans and see what makes the most sense and make sure it is done in the next few days. In any regard it really shows just one of the reasons why I rank the Cobalt card number one in Canada. Remember now the conversion rate is lower from the card with the new Marriott program that would put the earn rate at 3.375 Aeroplan Miles per dollar which is still better than any other card out there.

Offer details
35% Bonus Aeroplan Miles when you convert points from Marriott/SPG/Ritz-Carlton to Aeroplan. Full details. Sep 13-17, 18

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