Choice Privileges: Earn 8,000 points when you complete 2 stays Worldwide from April 2 to May 25

Choice Hotels has revealed the details of their spring promotion and as we
usually see, it is the same offer they have each quarter. They
word the promotions differently in terms of get a
free night, get a $50 gift card etc. However the gist of the promos are
the same, they will award you enough bonus points after you complete 2
separate stays to have 8,000 points after those stays. In this case it
is being promoted as the Free Night offer since you’ll have enough
points after the two stays to redeem for a hotel stay at their
participating 8,000 point level hotels.

Offer details

Earn up to 8,000 Bonus Privileges Points for 2 separate stays you
complete at participating Choice Hotels Worldwide. Stay must be
booked via, the Choice Hotels mobile app, or
800.4CHOICE at qualifying rates.  Members will be awarded a minimum of
5,000 and maximum of 8,000 bonus points, depending on the number of
base points earned from the two (2) separate qualifying stays. Full details, online registration & booking (Registration is required) Apr 2 – May 25, 18


For residents of the U.S. and Canada only