Hotel Review: Manitou Springs Resort, Watrous, SK

We welcome another hotel review from Rewards Canada contributor Bill Wheatley:

I had the occasion to spend a couple of days at the Manitou Springs Resort & Mineral Spa.

This is an older hotel, but is kept in good condition. In fact, it was under renovation during my stay. The renovation work in no way interfered with my stay as it was being carried out during the day. Even though the lobby floor was part of the renovations, there was no disruption to either the check-in or check-out process.

The room was quite comfortable, with the usual amenities (coffee machine, fridge, hair dryer, ironing board, and the usual toiletries. There was also a bottle of red and a bottle of white wine available in the room (though these were not complimentary), but the convenience factor was nice if you cared to indulge. There was also a safe available for use, but as it was not bolted down to anything (just sitting on the table), I don’t think it was of much use. Granted, it would be difficult for anyone to get at the contents once locked, but it could be easily carried out of the room to open at leisure offsite.



The bed was very comfortable, sleep was not an issue. Water pressure and temperature in the shower was fine, no issues with either.  The hotel was very quiet, though this is the off season, so the occupancy rate was not high. The only downside to the stay was the wireless Internet; it was very poor which was a surprise as there were very few guests in the hotel (I was 1 of only 5). However, this was mentioned to the Front Desk and I am certain they will look into improving it.

They had an on-site Waters Edge restaurant & lounge which I utilized both nights. It has been a long time since I have seen a salad bar, but it was nice to be able to choose your own salad fixings. The food was very good; I had the ribs (choice of 4 flavors) one night and the lasagna the other. Portion size was very good, no question about value for your money. Service was great, attentive staff.  The lounge had 3 VLT’s if you felt like taking a chance with Lady Luck…..

The hotel itself is located right across the street from Lake Manitou, known as the Dead Sea of Canada due to its high salt content. It was, of course, partially frozen at this time of year.

The big claim to fame for this Hotel is the spa and mineral waters that they are able to utilize from the lake.  There is a very large pool area, but as it was part of the renovations, I am unable to offer an opinion on it.

Overall, I would recommend staying at this Hotel when you are in the Watrous Area. With all the health benefits available from the mineral waters, it is a good place to rest (and relieve) your aches and pains.

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