Earn up to 1,600 Marriott Rewards points for free!

Hot on the heels of our promotion for free points with Marriott Rewards you can now earn even more free points with their 30 Days of Members Get it promotion to celebrate the upcoming holidays! The first week of the promotion is set to get you to connect with Marriott Rewards on various social media channels. You can earn 500 points each for linking your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts with them.

It is pretty simple to do and does not take long at all! Also they promote it as 1,500 points but if you choose to follow Marriott Rewards on Twitter and Instagram you’ll get an additional 100 points for a total of 1,600 points.

Offer details:

Earn up to 1,500 FREE Marriott Rewards Points when you connect your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to Marriott Rewards. Full details Until Dec 7, 16