Tuesday, February 2, 2016

WestJet Rewards: 25% Bonus dollars when you convert RBC Rewards Points

Yesterday saw the return of the RBC Rewards transfer to WestJet Rewards! Those RBC Rewards points collectors who hold an RBC credit card can transfer their points to WestJet Rewards and receive a 25% bonus on the total dollars deposited. This is the highest bonus we have seen yet for transferring to WestJet as past promotions were always at 20% and means for every 100 RBC Rewards Points transferred you'll receive $1.25 WestJet dollars. The offer runs until Mar 13, 16

The great thing about this redemption option is that you do not require the full amount of WestJet Dollars for a redemption. As long as you have $25 dollars in your account you can apply those dollars towards any flight! This means that by simply transferring over 2,000 RBC Rewards Points during this promotion you'll have enough WestJet dollars to save some cash on your next WestJet flight! Those same 2,000 points if used via RBC (not on an Avion reward chart redemption, which you need 15,000 points anyway) would only be worth $20. With this option you're gaining an extra $5.

Offer Details
25% Bonus WestJet Dollars when your convert RBC Rewards Points  to WestJet Rewards. Full details Until Mar 13, 16

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