Tuesday, April 21, 2015

San Diego Highlights: The Baked Bear Custom Ice Cream Sandwiches - Pacific Beach

The Rewards Canada family's last vacation was spent in the San Diego area a few weeks ago and we thought to try something new on the blog outside of the usual hotel reviews, earning and redemptions stories that go along with those vacations and that something new is a restaurant review, this marks our second such review! Although this one is not so much a restaurant but a great place to stop for a treat!


We love driving along and visiting vary places in the beaches area of San Diego and while heading north to La Jolla to view the seals at La Jolla cove my wife and kids spotted this place and we made a promise to stop there on our way back to the hotel. Now we've all seen various ice creams shops and of course all the frozen yogurt places (Yogurtland still being our favorite but Menchies isn't too far behind) but this was first for us. A place where you can create your own ice cream sandwich! Hello! Stop the press. This must be awesome. And to tell you the truth, it is. I don't know if there are other places that do this, a quick Google search brings up the Baked Bear first and no others in first ten results other than recipes for making your own at home.

The process is easy, you pick which cookie you want to encase your ice cream and they don't have to be same, the top can be one type of cookie and the bottom can be another. Then you pick your filling of ice cream and finally you can top it off with a variety of toppings.

Here are our creations:

The one on the left was the cookie of the month (chocolate chip with some sort of nuts) with chocolate ice cream, the bottom right was chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream, whip cream, caramel sauce and sprinkles, and top right is the very delicious donut sandwich where the cookies are replaced with a hot pressed doughnut covered in glaze with vanilla ice cream and topped with whip cream and hot fudge.

What a great concept that didn't disappoint. We ended up visiting the Pacific Beach location twice during the five days we were in San Diego but don't worry if you can't get to the beaches area as they also have locations in Carlsbad and Petco Park along with another one coming soon in Carmel Valley.

Link: thebakedbear.com

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