Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Air Canada adds new routes to sun destinations

According the Airline Route Updates Air Canada will be adding the following sun routes for the upcoming winter season:
Montreal-West Palm Beach
Ottawa-Punta Cana
Most of these routes will commence in the mid to latter half of December


  1. WestJet takes us to Puerto Vallarta from Calgary direct in 5 hours. Why can't AC do that for us!? Maybe it is an Eastern airline, not a national/international one.

  2. While I am a fan of both Canadian Airlines I have to respond to your comment with: does WestJet take you to London, Hong Kong or Tokyo? Air Canada is a much more a national/international airline then WestJet. Every airline out there is not going to fly every possible route as its just not feasible. That being said Air Canada does fly Calgary-Puerto Vallarta direct non-stop on Saturdays!